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03 February 2010 @ 07:10 pm
Dani, you haven't updated your LJ in a while..don't you think you should since Shinkenger will be ending this Saturday?*
But what's the point of updating if I haven't been keeping tabs on Shinkenger, journal wise, since...episodes 10-20?
Because! If you don't update it more often, you won't make it a habit! And then you'll never get around to making those final episode Shinkenger icons like you wanted to..
But brain, my paladin on WoW is working on her mount...
Fuck WoW! Shinkenger.review.NOW.


A messy review below..Collapse )
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18 December 2009 @ 09:16 am
I need to remember to update more often.~.~;

That being said, I'm hoping to update my layout(slightly because of the fact that I won't have a paid account until sometime later this month or early on next year). With the rumors spreading about what will be going on with the last few episodes of Shinkenger, I'm all excited for it. Although, I'm slightly sad that it's ending too.. Seeing as Shinkenger and Den-O share a writer, I'm not surprised that Shikenger seems to be hitting the climax a little late in the show. Unlike Den-O, Shinkenger is fairly serious(a pun on its name!kinda) with lighthearted moments thrown in. While I could write up how the whole Doukoku finally coming out of the Sanzu River was a good thing to do later on in the series, I'll just say this - the plot progression has been slow, endearing, yet unlike Den-O - where Kai was just shoved in our faces, Doukoku and the Gedoshuu have always been there. As well, most..if not all the Shinkenger fillers, were enjoyable. Plus! We got plenty of reaction faces from Genta, which is always a plus.

Onto the subject of Double..I'm surprised at myself for first dismissing the series and planning on not to watch it(initially). I ended up deciding to endure the first episode halfway into watching Shinkenger that day, and I'm glad I did. Philip is kickass, Shotaro is a lovable idiot who seems to truly want to help people. Akiko..is..ok, I guess. At first she pissed me off, but I've grown to like her a bit, especially when she's around Philip. The suit itself has grown on me as well,as well as the villian designs. W is most definately shaping up to be one of my favorite Rider seasons so far, and we're only barely 1/4 in.

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25 October 2009 @ 02:40 pm
headaches suck. That is all.

Pluss....sometime today or tomorrow I shall be installing Windows 7! *evil grin* Should be loads of fun. >=D

Also, participate in the below if you want to.;3

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12 October 2009 @ 05:49 pm
It's a bit late for it(like..two months!); but I plan on changing my LJ layout to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Digimon Adventure. Digimon, much like Super Sentai, reminds me so much of my childhood and is a piece of it I won't let go.

Anime-wise, Fairy Tail's first episode was..alright, and because I've read the manga, I'll be watching the anime as well until it either pisses me off with filler(*coughtwoyearfillergapnarutocough*) or gets stupidly ridiculous. Nyan Koi! is definitely one of the most enjoyable, light hearted shows this season. I also plan to try out Tegami Bachi at some point this week to try out.

Manga wise,...it's one more month(well, technically less than a month..) until DGray-man starts it's monthly publication in Jump SQ. I personally can't wait for it to come out, I especially miss Lavi...and Kanda.;x Allen a little. Also! Nodame Cantabile finished this week, and...I'm..not completely sure I like the ending. Although, yes, they both really do understand each other and Nodame matured a little to where she's performing live and enjoying it; I personally liked the ending to last months chapter rather than this and see this chapter more as an epilogue. 

Uh...also, Amatsuki.@.@ Neeed moaarrr. 

09 October 2009 @ 04:09 am
Reformat is nearly finished(Just need to install the uxtheme.dll hack and a few skins, as well as liven up foobar..and install cs2.;x); but the bad news is that whatever icons I was working on, were deleted. As well as the backups to the ones I have made already. What this means?

I might go back and work on 10-21, 21-30, sometime soon. I might batch them by character rather than episodes, I might not..at this current moment, given my frustrations with WoW, I should have enough time to make some this upcoming week.

I've grown really..really bored as of late with WoW. Some part of me doesn't like the fact that my brother doesn't play anymore(because..I'll admit, I had fun messing with him), and some part of me isn't completely eager to go back into weekly raiding. I was doing...mostly ok with doing pugs on my own time and getting gear from them; but my friend(who is playing Aion, I think), wanted me to raid with them. On my druid. Which would be ok, since I have a lot of fun healing on her..but I feel as if I'm literally doing nothing whenever I heal. I've gotten compliments about being a great healer, yadda yadda, which is the same kind of compliments I got on my shaman.

I'm just unsure anymore..

Being as how I'm not ready to stop playing MMO's, I've been dabbing with Rune's of Magic every so often..mostly because it's a F2P mmo. Next week, however, I do plan on getting Aion, and even though there is forced pvp in the game to some extent, I'm hoping it to be a fresh breath of air from WoW.(I'm pretty much numb to grindfests, anyway)

08 October 2009 @ 08:12 pm
Holy fucking shit, DtB:Ryuusei no Gemini aired a bit ago(missed the stream, got to watch the raw on youtube); and it's awesome. Besides the END lacking really any animation, ABS performs a slow number unlike their contribution to the first series. It's a really nice song, but I can't wait to hear the OP.

also, reformating HDD and doing everything over again = shit sux.

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03 October 2009 @ 07:36 pm
I'm sorry for the no posts, it's been 8 weeks or so since I've last posted and I continue to procrastinate..

Inuyasha - Final Act- seemed to have picked off around chapter 367 in the manga, with a bit of filer in the beginning. While this chapter was probably a good one to start off from, with the upcoming arc dealing with Kagura, I'm certain people who have only watched the anime will be confused, since there is some time between where the anime ended (manga wise) and where this sequel is picking off from. I'm hoping that they do some sort of flashback to show those people what they've missed, especially because of the new Naraku's Offshot, Mouryoumaru, appearing with little explanation besides showing him in his jail cell in the beginning of the episode.

The END and OP are awesome,although the OP is riddled with spoilers for those who haven't read the manga. The final shot of Inuyasha and Kagome laying down opposite of each other with a red string around their fingers was 'squeeee' worthy. The songs themselves were enjoyable as I enjoy Do as Infinity and AAA.

I'll admit that Inuyasha, in it's entirety, is a guilty pleasure. With it's slightly typical shounen plot and it's long span, some are put off by it. Inuyasha itself reminds me of my teenage years(oh shit, do I sound old?!), and I like the nostalgia it brings. Kinda like rewatching Digimon Frontier or Tamers..

That being said, wisdom tooth extraction is a bitch. least I get to be ~loopy~ for a little..weeee
04 August 2009 @ 11:06 am
Shinkenger 23..was awesome. I cannot give it another word for it, because it pretty much left me a bit speechless in what I should talk about with it. Juuzo taking one of the sushi and placing it in his mouth, going to leave while chewing and deciding to pick up the other was pretty funny, and just the whole episode placed this series' plot a big step further.

That being said, I am an awesome..yet horrible procrastinator. Sooner or later I will get to the 10-20 icons...'soon'.

This fall looks like it's going to be slightly decent for anime, depending on what series you were following in the past.(chartfag.wordpress.com/ for reference). I plan on watching both Darker than Black 2, and Inuyasha: Final Act; because I watched the first series and either enjoyed it(Darker than Black) or finished the manga and want to see how they finish it anime wise(Inuyasha). Other than that, I'll be watching Fairy Tail(which people on /a/ call a One Piece ripoff, but I couldn't get into One Piece and got into Fairy Tail, so w/e) and Nyan Koi looks fairly interesting. KITTIES.

I'll be continuing 07 Ghost, if it lasts into the fall season(as it should, since they're not even onto the Bishop Exam arc yet. I could see this anime being 52 episodes long and I'd enjoy it..I'm not a Boy X Boy person though). And I'll be wishing that Pandora Hearts and Natsume Yuujinchou get new seasons next year(or the winter!).

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28 July 2009 @ 08:36 am
Few notes bout Shinkenger 21 and 22.
  • The one thing that confuses me with the TV-Nihon sub of 21 is that they translate what sounds to be '千点の光’ or ’千の光’ as '1000 times cheerful'(when it's really 'A Thousand Points of Light' or 'A Thousand Lights') when the kanji for Chiaki's name, 千明, means 'A Thousand Lights'. He named his son that because he wanted his son to be bright and cheerful..which is touching. But this translation kinda urked me, and I'm not even 1/10 done with any Japanese study(this doesn't mean I don't know any, though).
  • Shinkenger 21 broke away from the Chiaki focus episode formula(Chiaki can't do something/is insulted->Trys to work on it alone, something happens->Gets an epiphany->Is able to complete the task) with Chiaki and Mako going to what may be a Joyful for pancakes, and they run into his father along the way. We get to learn a lot about Chiaki's past, including that his mother died early on and why Chiaki was named Chiaki, and that Chiaki is indeed strong in his own way. Although the scene with Chiaki running past everyone(~IN SPACE~!) was kinda corny, we got a lot of Chiaki development.
  • Although..even if he is my favorite character of this whole season, I'm really curious as to why he gets so many. He is the character with the most room to grow character wise because of his immaturity and being the least trained, but they could also flesh out the other characters more.
  • Shinkenger 22 was..cute. Butler!Takeru was adorable and was probably the highlight of this episode. That being said, even if it was a slight Kotoha focus, we didn't get much of her character again besides the fact that she's very kind, which is something we knew.
  • Next Episode for Shinkenger looks to be a major plot episode. I can't wait.:)

27 July 2009 @ 02:07 am
I poast something tomorrow. All you need to know is that Butler!Takeru is cute as fuck and Kotoha slapped him like a bitch. Also, I sincerely enjoyed episode 21 of Shinkenger - but as a Chiaki focus episode, you'd already know that.