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「coins of fate 」

5 April 1989
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21. Female from new york. Writes random things that are on her mind and/or toku and/or anime and/or World of Warcraft. Is pretty much sarcastic 99.5% of the time, serious .3% of the time and 'other' .2% of the time. Hates small talk and tends to get straight to the point unless she's talking to retards who don't understand or give a fuck.

Words that can describe me:independent, sarcastic, cynical, perfectionist, blunt, creative, procrastinator, stubborn, impatient
Things that annoy me:close-minded people, politics, retarded people who talk to much for no reason, people who can't seem to read directions(although they're repeated 10 times!).
Aries is a very confident, enterprising sign. It is courageous, quite bold and somewhat argumentative. Aries can also be irritable, quick tempered, but usually does not hold a grudge. It can be restless, sometimes intolerant and contentious. It can be quite vocal when it doesn't like something. It can turn aggressive when strongly annoyed, although Venus influences can mitigate this. Although it often does not consider itself so energetic, it tends to be very active and on-the-go, and can be quite hard-working.

This is an assertive sign, and it can be very stubborn in its way of looking at things. Aries is mostly direct, and hates keeping things inside, but sometimes may resign to this out of necessity (which can make him feel ill). It seeks to bring things out into the light, so that they can be dealt with properly and effectively.

Aries natives often have a kind of raw authenticity to them. They tend to be rather impulsive and adventuresome, a doer more than a talker. This sign is mostly sharp and to the point. It has an intensity to it, and its natives tend to be completely invested in whatever they do and feel. On the other hand, they may be too intensive and dramatic at times. A strong Taurus influence can help soothe it. Aries tends to be all-out and strongly marshalled when putting out effort, however it may prefer to use a more brute force as it sometimes lack the patience to deal with small, subtle details. A strong Saturn or Capricorn influence may alleviate this issue.

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