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27 May 2008 @ 08:11 pm
Because, fuck it. I use too many.

  • [info]texturize - Because this community is just pure awesomesauce if you're wanting to make icons or banners. Is filled with creative people who post the most creative textures to use.
  • pali_mari  - For the scans I snag for future use, or just browse, I thank.:)
  • boys_paper  - For all their magnificent scans of beautiful men and..yeah. That
  • dafont - I use their fonts all the time, and there is such a wide variety.
  • deviantArt - To all the people who I use brushes from but don't thank individually, I thank now.
Some individuals who I use textures from:

tailormade @ deviantart, erniemay  , lovelikeriots  , deliriumblaze  , ennife 

There are a bunch more names out there, some mentioned on my own icon page; but I believe mentioning texturize , is enough. There are too many talented people and too many good textures to thank everyone individually.